Cheap foreign dental treatments in Hungary

With the shortage of NHS dentists in the UK, it is not a surprise that Britons are flying abroad for dental treatments. The minimum cost of going to a private dentist for a check-up is £25 and this can sometimes be as high as £40. This is just for a health check of your teeth and the actual cost of dental treatment can cost several hundreds to thousands of pounds.

However there’s some good news in the air for the month of September 2008 as a group of Hungarian dentists will be touring Britain in an inflatable surgery to offer cheap dental consultations. This should help in overcoming the exacerbating fees charged by private dentists.

The Hungarian dentists will travel from city to city in England and patients will be able to go for a check-up at a reduced fee of £15. The PVC surgery in which the consultation is done will have X-ray facilities as well and patients will then be able to decide whether they would like to go abroad for further treatment, should they require any.

Patients going abroad for travel, in this case to Hungary, can make massive savings as the costs are likely to be less than half of what they will be paying in the UK for cosmetic dental treatment. However, costs of flights and accommodation need to be taken in consideration before jumping on the next plane to Hungary.

It is claimed that Hungary has now become the dentistry capital of the world and that treatment is a lot cheaper there. Hence the Hungarian Dental Travel has launched the mobile dental surgery in a move to make patients in other countries aware of the cheaper alternatives and to attract more customers into receiving treatment in Hungary.

What can be said though is that more and more people are now travelling to foreign dental clinics which offer dental packages in the form of combined dental treatment and short holidays abroad. Therefore you get to have a break and enjoy a few days faraway while your teeth are being made healthier. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

So if you want to know exactly how much it will cost you to have the dental treatment you require abroad, now is the time. Just look out for the date that the Hungarian dentists will be in your city and decide for yourself whether it is something that you can afford or not.