Health and fitness shoes

With so many people in the UK suffering from medical ailments it’s hard for GP’s not to over prescribe unnecessary medicines to treat these illnesses. The most common medical complaints in the UK are back ache, knee and joint problems and bunions. Simple advice such as correcting posture when sitting and walking is given but after a lifetime of bad habits these mistakes are hard to correct. Over the past few years there have been many shoes that have promised to help treat or even banish medical problems, some shoes have even promised better fitness workouts.

Health and fitness shoes

Shoes for bunions – these have been around for a while but they look very odd and old fashioned. Celebrities such as Kirsten Dunst and Maggie Gyllenhaal have been seen wearing these as they are wider than standard shoes and more comfortable to wear. Medical research has found that these are suitable only for people who have small bunions those whose bunions are more pronounced like Victoria Beckham will have more problems by continuous wear.

Sketchers shape ups – they are hideous looking shoes that take you back to the days of the Spice Girls but they are said to correct joint pains, correct posture and firm up thigh, bum and stomach muscles by correcting posture as you walk. The soft liner inside the shoe absorbs any impact so you don’t feel it. People who have worn these on a daily basis have found it help them tone up.

Sandals for heel and lower back pain – there are sandals that can be worn at home or on holiday that will soothe aching heels and prevent back strain. The sandal has a raised arc on the inner part that corrects the natural arc in the foot, by treating this you will have less tired feet and a healthy back.

Diabetic shoes – there is a popular version made by Crocs that are slightly bigger and more cushioned on the inside. The front is also enclosed so you can avoid any injuries to feet, as diabetics have very thin skin on the feet it’s easier to be injured that’s why these shoes are ideal. The only problem is if you wear them without socks you may be at risk of falling over or losing your footing as they can be quite roomy barefoot.

There are many more shoes on the market that are said to treat or banish any medical problems but before spending money on these cures speak to your doctor first as some may not be suitable for your illness.