Beware of health scams circulating around!

Health scams have been around for many years but as time has gone by, there have been new ways to find vulnerable people. First we had magazine adverts then radio and TV but now it has moved through the Internet with the 21st Century. Health scams are usually for diseases that have no cure and are aimed at the most vulnerable groups – the elderly and the sick who hope to find a cure for the illness they have.

The different health scams

I take a look at the health scams that I have come across during my day to day life:

  • Weight Loss Cure – recently while checking my emails I have found my reading pane has decreased in size to allow adverts promising dramatic weight loss results. There was a picture of a woman (before and after) who was extremely overweight. Sometimes the face of the person is not shown. It can be really hard to find out if the person in the pictures is genuine. Most of the people you see in before and after pictures looking fat have been digitally enhanced or ‘blown up’ as some might call it. As you probably know, there is no weight loss cure. You have to do it the hard way – healthy eating with exercise or if you have the money liposuction.
  • Cancer Cure – this is a horrible one to come across and while doing research for cancer I came across websites on the internet promising to reveal the cure for cancers. There isn’t one as far as I understand but there are things you can do to prevent yourself from getting cancer. However as far as curing cancer itself, it’s not yet possible. There are treatments that are undertaken to stop the spread of cancer. Some of the stories I’ve read are just unheard of – just don’t believe all these cancer cure remedies as they do not exist.
  • Anti-aging remedies – I come across these in women’s magazines all the time. Isn’t it time women (and men) learn to grow old gracefully. There are things you can do to prevent signs of aging such as not smoking – this causes premature wrinkles. When moisturising the face, don’t forget to moisturise the neck as well. When you get older, hands and the neck are the first signs of aging – prevent this by looking after your body from head to toe.

By purchasing products that promise to help or cure diseases, you are putting your health at a much greater risk. You are also preventing yourself the proper medical care and advice from a medical professional and this can have drastic results. There was a case recently in the news of a father who believed so much on alternative medicine that he did not allow his 12 year old daughter to seek medical help – she later died of pneumonia but if her father had seen a doctor she would still be alive today.