How to quit smoking easily?

With obesity overshadowing all health problems we seem to be forgetting the biggest health problem we face, smoking. We all know smoking is bad for us but we still do it. I know it’s a choice and everyone is entitled to their own opinion but is there enough publicity highlighting the dangers of smoking?

Why is smoking so bad?

Although many younger people will disagree smoking does make you unfit and slower, you get out of breath quicker and the smallest of tasks like taking your dog for a walk will make you tired.

Smoking is said to suppress your appetite, there are many models that live on cigarettes for this reason. This is bad for you because you need to learn how to follow a healthy diet with exercise to maintain a healthy weight. When people smoke for this reason it’s harder when they decide to stop smoking because that’s how they put on weight. This can then cause depression and eating disorders.

During an economic crisis when people cannot afford the basics like food and bills isn’t it selfish to continue smoking. I know many people will say ‘well actually it helps the economy because we are keeping a business thriving and people in employment’. It doesn’t actually help the economy because when smokers get ill due to smoking the NHS foots the bill, this money comes from taxpayers and prevents people who do not smoke but get cancer not being able to get life saving treatments because the NHS can’t afford it.

You will find smokers age dramatically, I have met people who look older than my Nan (who is 74 years old) but are actually in their 50’s. Smoking causes premature wrinkles, I know everyone hates wrinkles that’s why they invented Botox! Smoking will also cause lips to discolour turning them black/blue, fingernails turn orange and the most disgusting is horrible teeth. Could you really kiss someone with all the above?

Having a friend who smokes is disgusting too, when you visit their house it will be yellow and smell really bad like an ashtray. When you leave to go home sitting in the car you will notice you smell like a smoker, your hair will stink, your clothes will stink and you’ll be able to taste the cigarettes at the back of your throat.

Stop smoking help

The NHS spend millions of pounds on help to give up smoking each year, endless smoking campaign and smoking advice is widely available. Research has found that smokers are most likely to quit with help and support, stop smoking aids are available free but I don’t think many people actually realise this. If you would like help to stop smoking going to your GP or health centre is the first step as you can get help to stop smoking, many people who do not go to their GP for help are only spending their money unnecessarily when stop smoking aids are free, although to qualify you may need to attend regular smoking cessation and this may disrupt your lifestyle.

In some counties people are offered incentives to stop smoking like money off coupons for food shopping and rewards.

Public smoking

As of July 1st 2007 smoking in nearly all enclosed public places and workplaces have been banned these include, pubs, clubs, restaurants and trains, fines of £2,500 introduced for those who choose to break the law.