What are the solutions for wood cladding on ceilings or walls?

Cladding in the home was fashionable in the 60’s unfortunately nowadays houses with interior wooden cladding are harder to sell. Many people choose not to remove the wooden planks for fear of what is underneath. If cladding has been present for a long time you may have damaged walls or ceilings which mean that when cladding is taken off, the walls and ceilings might need a lot of work on them including plastering.

Painting wood cladding

Having just recently redecorated, here are my tips and tricks to painting cladding panels.

You will need the following before you start: masking tape, different sized paint brushes, wood primer and paint.

  • It is very common to paint the wall and ceiling cladding white, follow these easy steps to ensure a quick and professional finish.
  • Mask off edges and walls to ensure a clean painted edge
  • Start painting timber cladding with a primer painting in direction of the wood grains with a paint brush; leave this to dry for at least 24 hours
  • When painting remember to brush paint between wooden grooves, also there may be holes which were not so noticeable before but are now, fill these with polyfilla (available at all diy stores)
  • Finally paint cladding panels with desired colour, leave to dry; depending on cladding colour more than one coat of paint will need to be applied.

Now remove masking tape and enjoy your cheap cladding solutions.