What door cutting options are available to me?

Having recently refurbished my house, I encountered a problem with my doors, I decided to change all the doors in the house to newer modern ones as those currently present were over 30 years old. At the time, I didn’t know that the doors in my house were not of standard size so when I came to buy new doors, I didn’t realise that they came in different sizes. When I checked my current doors, I then realised that for the doors’ size I would need, I had two options. I could either buy custom made doors or buy standard ones and cut them. I had no choice but to buy new doors as the original doors I had were now already thrown into a skip.

What are my door options?

Custom made doors can get quite expensive and I needed 10 of them. The average price for one was £70, so it would’ve cost me £700 for 10 new doors. Buying standard doors in bulk was cheaper (coming in at under £300). I decided to buy standard doors and cut them to fit my ‘non-standard’ door frames.

Door cutting

At first, I foolishly cut the sides off by hand using a saw. The finish was uneven and it had to be sanded down. I finally listened to my wife and bought a circular saw to cut wood. This has made my life much easier by providing a professional finish and saving me time as well. Cutting doors using a standard saw requires a lot of arm strength and takes a lot of time! The circular saw cost me £65 and was well worth it. I can use it again for other jobs around the house. I would highly recommend this method for door cutting.