Home decals – The exciting way to decorate

nursery wall decalsMost people buy a starter home and don’t really know how long they’re going to live there. So when it comes to decorating, the majority just leave it a neutral colour as it’s easier to sell with minimal work later. The same applies for young children who have yet to decide how they would like to personalise their room. The answer is simple – wall decals also known as wall stickers, transfers, wall art and even wall tattoos. Wall decals for the home are inexpensive and temporary and you can remove them from wall without stripping of any paint or wallpaper.

The advantages of using wall decals

As they are only temporary, they are easy to stick on the wall and you can take them to your next home should you decide to move. As young children are very indecisive, wall decals are a cheap and convenient way of keeping them happy. When children grow out of their selected wall decals, you can pass them onto any younger friends or family with children of their own. As an adult, don’t feel like it’s only children that get to have all the fun as there are many designs that you can apply all over the house. You can have fun designs, contemporary, modern and even really girly just to annoy partners.

Where to put wall decals?

You can put wall stickers, wall tattoos and transfers in virtually all rooms and surfaces. To give you some inspiration here are some really good places to start.

Living room – if you have a chimney breast or specific area you would like to stand out, you could place long stemmed flower or even tree stickers to liven up the room

Bathroom – to make the bathroom more interesting, you can have water animal stickers to encourage children to bathe or something grown up for any adults living in the house

Kitchen – you can get kitchen themed decals to make cooking more exciting

Dining room – if you have a dining room, why not have a themed decal to make the dining room stand out and be a conversation starter

Children’s bedroom or play room – there are endless designs aimed for children of all ages; stickers are safe and non toxic compared to most paints, so save some money and get decorating today

Hallway and stairs – you could have birds, butterflies or any theme for a hallway or stairs, adding excitement and individuality

As there are so many different wall decals available, explore your options and remember to take them down if you decide to sell your house. Future buyers may be put off of extensive wall decorations so remember to take them with you.