Roof cleaning – Why should you do it

There will come a time when you will look at the roof of your house and find that it doesn’t look so great and you may even find moss or algae on your driveway or patio. This is perfectly normal as the roof of a house is the most neglected when it comes to maintenance and cleaning, it’s hard to get to and dangerous to access if you don’t have the proper equipment and training. The last 5 years alone has seen requests for roof cleaning treble as many people try to regain the former glory of the exterior of their house.

The main reason a homeowner would choose to have their roof cleaned is to create the illusion that the roof has been maintained properly and in some cases making the roof look newer compared to the adjacent houses. It’s also a great cheat when it comes to selling a house as it makes the property look more appealing to the others on the same road. Make your property stand out and increase the chances of a quick sale by having your roof cleaned.

Roof cleaning problems

Over time the roof of a property will have a build up of algae, moss and lichen, properties that benefit from full sunlight in rural areas are most likely to have this problem but in the last 50 years it has spread to many inner city areas. Lichen, moss and algae can have roots that are stubborn to get rid of in some cases being as deep as 12mm. These penetrate the roof and surrounding areas and allow water to soak through. In time it can cause mould and damp to properties, the roof will also have to bear the weight of this and in time will deteriorate faster than roofs that have been cleaned.

Roof cleaning process

The solution to these pests is simple and having your roof cleaned will prolong the tiles and prevent damp, mould and drain blockage. Here is a step by step description of the process:

  • All areas that are not to be treated will be covered, the pipes disconnected and rubber matting placed down
  • The roof is now ready for cleaning, a high pressure power jet is used to removed all algae, moss, lichen fungi and dirt
  • The gutters, pipes and drains will also get a thorough cleanout
  • Some companies will also repair any minor damage to your roof such as broken, damaged or missing tiles, re-pointing or cement work (usually included in the price of the quote)
  • Now that the roof is clean and repaired an environmentally friendly treatment wash is sprayed on, this will prevent any further growth of fungi, moss, lichen or algae
  • Finally a clear solution is sprayed onto the roof to act as a protective layer against water and to prevent any further attacks. The clear solution is breathable and will also act as an insulator to keep heat from escaping

Not all roof cleaning companies will offer the same service; some may be cheaper because less work is carried out whereas others will be more expensive as all aspects of roof maintenance are performed. You should expect to pay around £800 for an average 3 bedroom property but the age and severity of cleaning may mean you might have to pay more.