Roof replacement

In the next few months you will find that there are more people in DIY stores, more machinery noise in the morning and more home and garden services being advertised. It will soon be spring and most people’s garden could do with a little attention as the grass starts to grow, trees need pruning and flower beds need de-weeding. It’s also an excellent time to start some home DIY as there will be a few bank holidays over April and May. One of the top jobs this year is roof replacements.

Many people have been trying to sell their homes for the last few years and have still yet to sell them, it is mainly due to banks not lending or buyers not having enough cash to pay for the asking price. So many homeowners have put off doing any renovations as they cannot guarantee they will get their money back. There are some buyers out there who have been through the process before so do not want the hassle of changing the windows or roof when they buy it.

Roof replacement

On average a roof can last for 30 years before there are signs that it needs to be replaced completely. There may be times when a tile becomes loose but this is no reason to replace the entire roof, you just need to make sure that the loose tiles are secured. Other signs may be:

  • Damp appearing on the walls and ceilings
  • A strong draft on the first floor or near the attic
  • Leaking from the attic

You should get a few quotes before accepting the first person that comes to assess the damage. It is also good to have a quick look yourself if you can as builders are known to make situations look worse than they seem. They may try to make you take them on there and then saying things like ‘it won’t last another month’ ‘the entire roof has rotted through’ and show you loose tiles that are nothing to be worried about.

You should never accept work from an uninvited salesman, this is someone who turns up at your door trying to sell you their services or new doors and double glazing. They will make is seem like they are offering a good deal because they are in the area or claim that they are working on the neighbours house a few doors away. In fact they are just touting for business and need you more than they need you, do not let them intimidate you and let them know politely that you are not interested.