Putting vinyl floors in your house

As house sales increase, homebuyers are looking for cheap ways to decorate and make their homes look attractive to buyers or for themselves. With carpet going out of fashion, most people can’t afford real wooden floors or tiles so we look at the alternative.

Cheap flooring solution

I would consider vinyl flooring as it’s affordable and easy to lay and will last for a long time to come. Vinyl flooring can also come as tiles (medium sized squares) making them easier to lay and good for creating colour effects such as a black and white vinyl floor which is still very popular. Vinyl tiles have a self adhesive backing that will allow you to lay them effortlessly.

Vinyl flooring can also come on a long roll so if you are covering a large area such as the living room it’s possible to cover the joins without showing. The good thing about vinyl floor covering is you can get them in all different designs to suit all rooms in the house. If you want the wooden effect look, then you can also get vinyl laminate flooring that gives the illusion of wooden flooring.

By using bathroom vinyl flooring, the options are endless as you can get all different colours and designs to match the bathroom suite you have in your house. The added bonus of having vinyl flooring in the bathroom or kitchen is that it is waterproof.

Cleaning vinyl flooring is simple; all you need is water, a bucket and a mop. You can buy floor washing products or just use diluted bleach, house cleaning products or dishwashing liquid. You won’t need to get the vacuum cleaner out everyday as you can also sweep the floor using a long broom handle. You can also be sure that if anything falls on the floor it won’t stain as easily as falling onto carpet.

How to remove vinyl flooring?

Removing vinyl flooring is simple, it’s glued to the floor so all you have to do it lift it up but if you find that the glue used is extremely hard to remove, try using a wallpaper steamer as this has proved to work. The wallpaper steamer will help dissolve the glue so the vinyl floor is easier to remove.