Asian wedding insurance

As we know the average wedding costs around £20,000 and increases a little each year, most people require insurance for the actual wedding day that includes the ceremony and after wedding reception party that may also include a sit down meal and drinks. If you come from an Asian background the cost of the wedding can double and be more around £50,000.

Why are Asian weddings so expensive?

Asian weddings tend to cost more because of the vast decorations to the hall, the wedding attire and the volume of guests expected to attend. Asian families are usually very close so everyone from the immediate family to the distant family are invited to celebrate this joyous occasion. Non Asian weddings usually have less than 150 guests but Asian weddings can easily reach 800 guests. On top of food to feed everyone Asian weddings are more traditional and usually last a few days depending on the religion. Some Asian weddings last up to 6 days, including celebrations, ceremonies, mehndi party, the actual wedding, reception and giving away of the bride.

As with all weddings it’s a good idea to take out Asian wedding insurance cover as you can be left seriously out of pocket if anything were to go wrong. Most standard wedding insurance cover will insure you against a vast range of mishaps including:

  • Venue mishaps
  • Food cover
  • Wedding car cover
  • Wedding attire

For Asian weddings it is very important to get a tailored quote as the bride’s outfit may be worth thousands in itself, some policies only cover a set amount for each individual item, such as cake, cars, photographer etc.

Don’t be tempted to buy cheaper standard wedding insurance cover as you will find that it won’t cover all of the wedding especially if it is a traditional Asian one. Some insurers will also insure up to 6 wedding events so that you can have peace of mind that the entire wedding is covered and not just the wedding day itself. For as little as £60 you could be covered for up to £15,000 cancellation cover, a real bargain if anything was to go wrong.

Don’t leave buying wedding insurance until the last minute, Asian wedding insurance can be bought up to 2 years before the wedding is due to take place. This is because Asian weddings take a lot of planning and cannot be organised in such a short period of time. You can also save money by purchasing ahead.