Car insurance for 17 year old drivers

Age is not in your favor if you are 17 years old and you are looking for a cheap car insurance. Car Insurance companies generally consider teens to be in the high-risk age bracket.  If you are wondering why you have to pay a premium for cheap car insurance, here are the reasons:

  1. It is generally accepted that teenagers are not as careful or as responsible as people in the older age group. Probably they are excited about getting  their first car and they cannot wait to show off to their friends and to impress others with their driving speed.
  2. Accident statistics show that a high percentage of  drivers involved in accident are teenagers. That is why they belong to the high risk group.
  3. Teenagers are more concern about impressing their friends with the look and speed of the car. They will probably modify the car and its specification beyond what is permissible.  These modification can render the car unsafe. What is upmost on their mind is to have a flashy car rather than a safe and secured car.

How then can you ensure a cheap quote when looking for 17 year olds car insurance? There are 5 ways to reduce your cheap car insurance and they are listed below:

  1. Use your Parent’s name – Ask your parent to include your name in their insurance policy. Your parents can get better discounts if they insure more than one car in the same policy. This will be cheaper compared to getting a single policy for yourself.
  2. Security and Safety – Focus on the security and safety aspect of the car. For example, install seatbelt, airbag, anti-locking system to make your car safe. Install early warning system and steer locks to make it safe from theft. The more secured your car, the lower the insurance.
  3. Be trained – Enrolled for driving and safety courses. This is to show that you know how to handle your car well.
  4. Less Mileage – The less you drive, the lower your risk, and hence you pay a lower premium. One way to drive less is car pool. You save on your fuel too.
  5. Keep a Clean Record – Maintain a clean driving record. Don’t get into trouble with the traffic laws such as fines for parking offences or drunk driving.  A clean record gets you a lower premium.

Getting a cheap car insurance for an seventeen year old is not a major obstacle when you follow the five tips to reduce insurance cost.