Car insurance for eighteen year old drivers

It is known to many that car insurance for 18 year old drivers are very high since they are associated with the 17-21 group which has a very high risk profile. It is quite common for a person within that age group to receive quotes in excess of £2,500 and when you think that the young driver has only spent £1,200 to buy a car, the premiums are quite significant compared to what the car is really worth. So the question is whether the young drivers should go ahead and purchase the insurance cover at this extortionate price or find an alternative.

Driving without insurance is not an option because it is illegal and if you’re caught, you can face a prison sentence and lose your licence. It’s not worth the trouble and what drivers who are only 18 years old should be focussing on is how to make their insurance affordable. Many of these young drivers under-estimate the importance of doing the pass plus course which can potentially reduce their premiums by upto 40%. The reason for not doing the course is probably because they no longer want to be learning again and just want to go ahead and drive. If that’s possible, then by all means, do so but if you’re struggling for a reasonable car insurance quote, then don’ t forget that the pass plus course can be really beneficial.

There are other things which you can do to help lowering your quote like adding extra security devices to help prevent your car from being stolen or make it easier to track if stolen. You can also increase your voluntary excess in an attempt to bring your quote further down.

As with everything else, patience is a virtue and by driving safely over a period of time, 18 year olds can get cheap car insurance quotes when they’ve accummulated enough no claims bonus to reward them.