Car insurance for first time drivers

As newly qualified driver you need to sort out car insurance if you will be driving. If you already have access to a car i.e. your parents then they can add you as an additional driver. If however you have your own car then you will need to get quotes from at least 5 different insurance companies and compare them.

Getting car insurance for the first time drivers can be exciting as well as annoying. As a new driver you will find that in most cases the insurance costs more than the car itself. The best thing to do is to find a car that you like and get some quotes for it; you may find that the car you want is actually costing too much in car insurance premiums. This is the biggest problem new driver’s face after passing their driving test. In the news recently was a 17 year old teenager who just passed his driving test, he bought a Vauxhall Corsa for £1,400 but was quoted £17,000 for insurance. He managed to get the quote down to £2,000 but even then the insurance cost more than the car.

If you can hold on to your licence for a few years then start driving as some licence holders do not actually drive a car as soon as they pass, instead they wait a few years. Age as well as licence held is the factor when it comes down to insurance quotes. So if you have held your licence for a few years you are at a lower risk of having an accident to someone who is just qualified even if you haven’t driven since passing your test. You could however be put on a driving policy as an occasional driver so you can still have some practice in the mean time.