Cheap car insurance for 17 year olds

Many teenagers will try to get their driving licence as soon as possible so that they can buy their own car and have their own mode of transport. In the UK, you are allowed to drive at the age of seventeen and although many parents will either buy a car for their children or help them with the finance aspect of it, the problem that most teenagers will face is the fact that car insurance for 17 year old drivers is extortionate and soon becomes a major hurdle and a spirit killer.

Of course once you’ve passed your driving test, you are very keen to start driving on your own but you may only do so legally if you have proper car insurance cover in place. The thought of driving uninsured will cross the mind of many young drivers and there are valid reasons for this. First of all, you’ve just turned 17 and you don’t want to spend a fortune on your first car. So you get a vehicle that’s pretty cheap, say for less than £1500. Now when you start hunting for a decent 17 year old car insurance quote, you find the prices ridiculous expensive especially for that particular car make/model that you’ve purchased and you think to yourself that this can’t be right because it’s a used car after all, not a new one. But when you keep searching, you discover that no insurer is willing to offer you a decent car insurance quote and the cheapest that you’re getting is £4000 which is well over twice the amount of money you’ve paid for your car.

It is then that reality strikes and the hope of driving your own car starts to vanish. No wait, don’t just give up yet. Surely there must be a way to get a 17 year old driver insured at a rather decent premium, no? Well things are tough in the insurance sector and especially with so many people driving without a licence, the insurers have had to increase quotes a lot for all drivers and you being a new driver with no NCD (no claims discount), your chances are already limited.

So what can you do? Put it this way, you’re a young driver, 17 of age, and just like it’s difficult for a job seeker without experience to get a decent job, you will find it hard as well to get a reasonable car insurance quote, no matter what car make/model  you’re trying to insure. The best thing for you to do is build up your driving experience and no claims bonus so that in 1 or 2 years’ time, you pay a fraction of what you’ll be paying now.