Disabled holiday insurance

There is so much help available now to people who want to travel, you can get assistance for those travelling with young children, the elderly and also disabled. There are strict laws that mean travel agencies and airlines cannot discriminate against people with disabilities. So if you or someone you know are in a wheelchair, have prosthetic limbs or need assistance of any kind whilst travelling by law travel agencies and airlines are obliged to assist you.

If you go abroad for a holiday many hotels now have specially adapted rooms for those that need them, more room for wheelchairs and ramps to help with accessibility. You will need to think about travel insurance as having an injury or accident abroad can be costly. Insurance is not only recommended for accident and injury but also for cover on travel money, delays and lost luggage.

As the demand for disabled holiday insurance has increased dramatically over the last five years alone competition is high for customers, as a result of this you should be able to get a reasonable quote for any circumstances whether it’s for a serious ailment or a less problematic condition.

Example of policy coverage for disabled holiday insurance

  • Hire costs covered for mobility and disability equipment
  • Emergency medical cover and other associated expenses covered
  • Replacement of mobility and disability equipment covered
  • Holiday cancellation cover
  • Delayed departure compensation cover
  • Personal liability cover
  • Personal accident or death cover
  • Personal liability cover
  • Loss of passport cover

Each policy will differ in what they cover but usually you can pick your own cover from a list and also choose level of cover so you won’t be left out of pocket. Most places will also need you to pay an excess should you need to make a claim, the general rule is the higher the voluntary excess the cheaper the quote, so if you can afford an excess of £500-£1,000 you should get a good deal. Only opt for this if you have the money to pay should you need to claim. You can also choose customised cover for holidays abroad that involve sports and activities like, snowboarding, skiing, cycling etc. You can also get cover for the family so there is no need to have a separate cover for just one member of the family.

Always make sure that it is safe to travel before booking, your doctor may want to run a few tests to make sure that you are fit and healthy enough to do so. Other than this there is no reason why anybody should miss out on having a holiday whether it is abroad on in the country.