Driving Instructor Insurance

Driver instructor insurance is not much different from personal car insurance cover. It covers all the different aspects, like theft, accidents, liability, etc., which are insured under any general car insurance. The only difference lies in the cover that driving instructor insurance provides to the students of insured instructor. It doesn’t matter if you are teaching your students full-time or part-time, you always need to possess this insurance for taking up the teaching job.

In fact, the need of this insurance is much greater than any other driving insurance due to higher possibility of claims associated with the students. While a personal insurance covers your personal liabilities only, driving instructor insurance covers entire liability of all of your students. You never know when your students will get into an accident and claim or something like that and you might get dragged into a lawsuit too. So, you always need to be prepared beforehand and for that you must possess this type of policy.

But, as the number of people being insured under this coverage, it is much more than a single person in case of personal insurance, you also need to pay comparatively a large sum for purchasing the insurance and for paying the premiums. If you are finding this insurance cover to be a little more expensive for your pocket, more so if you have just started out your teaching endeavour, then you can go with the insurance carriers that offer month-by-month insurance plan. However, it is wise to opt for a yearly plan instead of a monthly plan if you are already an established instructor. This will cost you less.

Although this insurance policy includes each and every student under its cover, it doesn’t require you to name any of them in your policy. This insurance will cover any accident, occurred during the period of driving lessons, along with any hospital bill and legal fees thereof. But there are certain rules of this insurance that an insured must adhere to, like not to bring any item or people that are not directly related to the driving lessons. This is because such items or people will not be covered under driving instructor insurance. If you violate this rule, you could end up losing your claim even if your claim is completely genuine. Besides, you could also end up losing your insurance cover and your instructor license once and for all.

There is one more important thing that you must know about and that is to know the limitations of your policy. If you are an independent individual instructor, then you can make do with single person driving instructor insurance. But when you grow into a driving instruction company, your insurance protection should also change accordingly. This new insurance policy should not only cover you and your students but also your employees.