Increasing the security of your car through pay as you drive schemes

In South Africa, pay as you drive insurance is fast gaining grounds. It is becoming quite a common coverage for vehicle users as it reflects a fairer means of insurance to pay for each month with cost effectiveness not being its sole advantage.

Your car has a lot of chances of being stolen or being involved in a crash, so having as much security features as possible for your car is very beneficial to you. With pay per mile car insurance, you obtain additional security features in that there is the installation of a tracking device to your car when you agree to the policy; this will help the insurance agents to bill you according to the number of distance that you cover. This is also a great means for the agency to keep track of the distance that is being covered per month as well as adds to your security and that of the agency.

The tracking device is placed in an area of your car that is way impossible for any thief to locate and disable and if it happens that your car is stolen, it can be easily tracked down. This means that you will benefit from a lower insurance premium as the company can be assured that if the car is stolen, it will be retrieved. While this will definitely lower your risk profile, there are still some other risks that can be associated to a stolen vehicle. Thieves may damage the car when it is stolen, or take goods found in your car or remove parts off the vehicle; for this reason it is advised to install an immobilizer and a gear lock to reduce burglary risks. You may find that insuring your sound system or other goods in your car as a good idea.

There is still a small fee that you have to pay for in terms of burglary risks associated with your car so that the insurance agency will be covered if your car is stolen and they have to retrieve it. You also have to remember that sometimes the car cannot be located or it can be damaged beyond repair.
It can thus be seen that pay as you drive adds a lot of security features to your car. If you happen to be interested in pay as you drive insurance, you will see that agents of the South African insurance companies are very friendly and helpful and will help you in clearing out any ideas that are not clear to you regarding the insurance policy.