Insurance for drink drivers

Despite the many government attemps to reduce drink driving, many are still doing it. If you know you have to drive, then you shouldn’t even have one drink because the temptation is always there and although you might think that you will be able to control yourself and stop at a pint, chances are that you will be so overwhelmed that you will have drank more than you’re supposed to.

The bad thing about this is that from a complete stranger’s point of view, you shouldn’t be driving back home now because you’re not in a proper state but alcohol will make you think that you’re alright and will be able to get home safely. The over-confidence is a real killer and it’s just so sad that many people are too weak to resist the temptation of driving while drunk.

While many people realise that insurance for drink drivers comes at very high premiums, what people do not understand is that there’s a very fine line between becoming a completely drunk driver and one who’s just under the limit. When you go out socialising, it’s usually hard to refuse drinks or drink something that’s going to make you feel less macho. This is why it’s important that you decide beforehand whether you’re going to see and meet people and will have a nice time and eventually have a few drinks and then decide how you’re going to get back home. You can ask friends or other people to drop you home or get a cab. The point that I’m trying to make is that it’s fine to drink and socialise but you should avoid driving whilst drunk.