Japanese car insurance

It’s a well known fact that Japanese car manufacturers are the most reliable and parts are fairly easy to get hold of.  Japanese cars have a very good reputation when it comes to getting your money’s worth as they are voted ‘least likely to break down’. When you compare SUV’s, Japanese car makers also have an impressive range that are much cheaper than other top of the range models and due to the advance in technology, Asia have a stronghold on environmentally friendly cars.

Years ago the car insurance industry started to provide insurance for car manufacturers individually, so if you own a Porsche, Lamborghini or Lotus it makes better sense to pay insurance to a company that understands the top of the range models and expensive parts. Japanese car makers on the other hand have an excellent reputation when it comes to reliability, practicality and affordability. So by opting to get insurance from a company that specialises in your car make, you should in theory save money when it comes to accidents, thefts and annual car insurance premiums. So if you own a Honda, Toyota or Nissan, japanese car insurance makes sense then.

Saying that, if you know that the car you have is reliable and the chance of anything going wrong is slim, is it really worth it then? In some ways yes as most Japanese cars have a lot of advance technology, so in some models there’s no need for a key while others operate on hybrid technology. So if you were to have a problem, a standard garage may not have the up to date knowledge and tools to help you whereas your insurer will have an extensive list of all approved garages nationwide. For models that are not as hi-tech as the newer models, going with an insurance company that specialises in your car make/model may not be the best solution financially.

There are many Japanese cars that appeal to the younger first time buyer such as the Nissan Micra but with car insurance premiums averaging £2k or more for these inexperienced drivers, it’s not really worth it and therefore going with a standard insurance company may be better. After no claims have been built up and you now own a top of the range car from Japan manufacturers, then Japanese car insurance will be well worth it.