Learner Driver Insurance

Learning to drive cars is the most important thing a person needs to do as this enables us to do so many things. However there are certain qualifications that one should fulfil before becoming a perfect driver.

People can’t just expect to drive cars without practicing as learners because it’s not so easy to understand how the controls work and how to properly use them. It’s quite necessary to gain expertise in your driving skills on roads so that you gain an insight into the actual driving conditions. It’s also important to get insurance because anything can happen once an inexperienced person sits behind the wheels, not to mention that it’s a legal requirement as well. Many people tend to opt for an annual learner driver insurance policy although that’s not mandatory. However with a yearly contract, you can’t get rid of your policy once your learning is complete and that’s why a temporary policy is better suited for learners.

It’s also tough to get the right kind of insurer who can cover such risks. Most of the times, companies hate to cover such learner drivers as they don’t have a full fledged driving license. Such new drivers also face so many expensive insurance quotes owing to their lack of experience. But, some companies do provide a reasonable insurance through which it’s possible for a person who is yet to imbibe driving skills to drive anyone’s car. Although one might think about not taking such insurance, accidents can happen and you also don’t want to have the police after you before you even get your driving licence.

Private driving practice is necessary and the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) of UK recommends it to learner drivers. It believes it can help them in clearing, the driving test for acquiring the license and will make them better drivers as well.

Any learner driver in UK should have a supervisor if they haven’t yet received their full UK driving licence. The supervisor’s job is to watch over the learner as he starts driving on roads. This supervisor should be more than 21 years old. Apart from that, he should possess a valid driver license and he should have been driving for a minimum period of 3 years. If somehow, you can’t drive in any situation during your private practice sessions, he should be able to tell you how to stop the car safely.

The claims of learner driver insurance can also include replacement of the vehicle driven by the learner in case of a mishap if it had been acquired only a year back. Its owner should only be its registered keeper. The replacement only applies if the mishap happens in UK. A courtesy car can also be made available if the vehicle has gone for repair to a garage after sustaining some minor damages. Apart from substitution of damaged vehicle, such policies also cover the medical expenses of those injured.

The claims for such damages can vary with various insurance companies. After a learner has cleared the test, his insurance ends. His last coverage under the insurance includes his return trip from the centre of the test to his house or wherever he keeps his vehicle. He can also get an insurance refund for the days in which he has not driven his vehicle. Some of the policies don’t allow such refund. After this insurance has ended, a learner should get any other driving insurance for safe driving if he continues to do so.