Reducing your pay as you drive insurance premiums

It is clear that no one wants to pay a lot for car insurance per month and this is the reason as to why more and more people are now going for pay as you drive insurance. It is a fairer means of coverage as you pay for the distance that you are covering each month rather than pay a whole constant sum per month. The rate of the pay as you go car insurance is based on your risk profile though you also have to pay for a fixed amount each month to cover you up against theft, damage or fire damage. It is this risk profile that you have to lower so as not to pay a lot of premium per month.

The risk profile is based on some factors, the most important ones being your age, gender, address, your vehicle and the security features associated with the car. Obviously your gender cannot be changed and so if you are a male then you will definitely pay more than a female as males are seen to be less careful drivers as compared to females. There are certain ways that you can reduce your insurance premium be you a male or a female. Also, you cannot change your age but you can come up with a clean driving record to lower your premiums. If you are a young driver, try to find out if taking advance driving lessons can be a means to lower your premiums.

Where you live is also an important aspect of the risk profile and because you do not want to fake these details, the installation of a security device can lower your premiums. The first thing to do is to make sure that your vehicle remains locked at night and to install a security device if possible such as an immobilizer, alarm or gear lock. When you sign up for pay as you drive insurance, the insurance company adds a tracking device to your car to monitor the distance that you cover per month and to bill you as such; the device also helps in tracking the car should it be stolen which thus reduces your monthly premium as stolen vehicles can be tracked down by the insurance company.

You can very easily get pay as you drive insurance right online but shop around first, checking out some agencies before you decide on the best deal. You will get a good insurance deal with pay as you drive as you will be paying only for the distance that you are covering. You will also be offered some distance to drive for free each month and you start to pay when you go beyond this distance.