Travel insurance for disabled

Travel insurance can prove very useful to have when going on holiday or taking a short break. There’s no reason why people who have pre existing medical conditions shouldn’t get cover either. For people who have disabilities such as having a wheelchair or any other impairment, standard insurance policies won’t cover basics like wheelchair protection. It’s always best to go to an insurer who will cater to your needs. A common myth is that people think that if they are unwell and have pre existing medical conditions that the insurance will be higher or in some cases difficult to approve. There are many travel insurance companies that will insure people with disabilities only, this is sometimes better as they have gained many years experience in this field and can understand and help should you need to make a claim.

Benefits of disabled travel insurance

Unlike other insurance policies, companies that cater for disabled people have standard benefits such as:

  • Replacement of Mobility and Disability equipment
  • Specified Mobility and Disability equipment – up to value stated on policy
  • Hire of Mobility and Disability equipment
  • Replacement of essential medication
  • Emergency Medical and other expenses
  • Cancellation and Curtailment
  • Hospital Benefit
  • Personal Accident: Death or Disablement
  • Loss of Passport
  • Delayed Baggage
  • Money and Documents
  • Personal Liability
  • Delayed Departure compensation
  • Missed Departure
  • Legal Expenses and assistance

As all companies have different limits, they will vary so read over the policy to make sure you are happy with the amounts they will compensate for.

Peace of mind is what all travellers want when they go on holiday whethey they are disabled or not. Many people who have pre existing medical conditions do not travel often due to the uncertainty of getting travel insurance. Why should people who have illnesses have to miss out? Get travel insurance even if you have a disability today to make your holiday more enjoyable should unexpected matters arise.