Wedding insurance

As more and more couples opt to get married abroad, it’s not hard to see why – with guaranteed sunshine and everything taken care of, it is a hassle free wedding. As there is usually no expense spared for weddings abroad or even in the UK, it is common sense to take out wedding insurance or is it? The average wedding costs a hefty £17000 and depending on how many people are attending and people you hire, the cost can soon mount up.

What does wedding insurance cover?

Depending on the level of cover you opt for, it can cover virtually everything.
Cake cover – if anything was to happen to the cake you could get your money back
Ring cover – if your rings are lost or stolen you’re covered
Catering cover – should anything go wrong with the caterer you would be reimbursed
Wedding dress cover – if your dress gets damaged in transit or by bad weather you would get your money back

If any companies you hire for your big day go bankrupt, you will be insured and if the photographer doesn’t turn up or the pictures are unsatisfactory you could get up to £3000 to have them scheduled for another time. Public liability can also be covered for should anyone be injured or property damaged on the big day. You can even get counselling if the wedding is proving too stressful to cope with. You would even get your money back for any deposits you have paid out for even if you cancel the wedding.

Wedding insurance can start from as little as £59 to £189; there are a few levels of cover so depending on how big your wedding is this would reflect the premium and value of cover insured.

There are clauses to the cover of the individually named cover above, so it’s worth checking and reading over the small print first but wedding insurance could save a small fortune from mishaps that can occur when planning to get married.