The bra for man – Will the males wear it?

man bra

Wishroom, a Japanese company, has recently launched a new range for men – The Man Bra. Although, this may sound funny and weird, they are selling the man bra at such a fast rate that they are finding it difficult to cope with the orders.

The bra for men is sold at around £12 and is available in black, white and pink. It is custom-made and has a leather look but is probably made of nylon.

The reason for men purchasing this bra is still not very clear. Some people think it is to cover up man boobs, moobs as it is called, to give more confidence to men having saggy flesh on the chest area. Others think it more of a fetish thing for cross-dresser designed to be classier and tailored for men tastes.

Of course not all the men are happy about this new invention. Having moobs and letting them loose is generally a sign of the middle-aged man who lives on junk food and too lazy for some regular exercise. There is no reason for a man bra as this would hurt the manhood and give in to weak testosterone.

That being said, some men who have been wearing bras (not the man bra but normal bras) for a while now said they were frequently complimented by their female counterparts as the push-up it gives them shows a more appealing physique.

The man bra is also supposed to help men suffering from gynecomastia, a medical condition that causes enlarged breasts in men.

The bottom line is to be comfortable with your body and yourself and if the man bra will give you some more confidence, then why not?

Feel free to discuss & share your views and reviews on the man bra!