Male Cosmetic Surgery

Men are now becoming extremely self-conscious as the ever popular men’s magazines and films portraying what seem to be men who are not aging. Take a look at Tom Cruise he is now 47 and looks far better that when he made his film debut aged 19. He has since gotten braces to fix his teeth giving him that movie star smile, toned up to play a spy in mission impossible and he’s also rumoured to have had hair implants.

How do you think these older men look younger now? Magic of cosmetic surgeon of course!

Remember Bruce Willis in Die Hard (1988) take a look at him now. Yes I do admit he has grey hair but he still looks as gorgeous as ever. Remember Richard Gere in Pretty Women he can still melt hearts with that smile. When prison break first hit our screens we all went crazy for Wentworth Miller, it turns out he his 38 years old. Now doesn’t this look too good to be true, I thought he was in his twenties not in a million years would I have said he was nearer 40 to 30.

Whether or not these men have had any help from surgeons, it increasingly difficult to compete with both men and women without the help of any cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery for men is no longer taboo, men over 50 are having more cosmetic surgery now compared to four years ago, figures show cosmetic surgery for men has rocketed by over 140%.

What are the most popular cosmetic surgery for men?

  • Nose reshaping (also referred to as Rhinoplasty)
  • Male chest reduction
  • Fat removal (also known as Liposuction)
  • Face and neck lift
  • Ear reshaping (also known as Otoplasty)

Although these are the most popular cosmetic surgeries available for males, there are also many other surgical procedures also available, these include: pectoral implants and calf implants for those who want to cheat, cheek and chin implants for those not already blessed with good looks and penis enlargement and implants.

If you or your partner are considering cosmetic surgery remember to talk to your GP first; they might be able to help without the need for surgical intervention, or in some cases you may qualify for NHS treatment.

In any case your GP will be able to advise you or even recommend a competent cosmetic surgeon, don’t be tempted by glossy advertisements claiming to be the cheapest at the back of magazines, go to a recommended surgeon and do some research before handing any money over.

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  1. Janice July 15, 2009 / 7:40 am

    My Hubby had liposuction to his stomach area and it’s like having a new hubby, he was in a lot of pain but said it was well worth it.

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