DIY back, sack and crack waxing

As back, sack and crack waxing for men is getting popular, the idea of a man baring all to a stranger to have his most intimate parts waxed is still quite daunting to most. Most men who have it done do so as a surprise for their partner whereas a small handful of men actually prefer is as it increases sexual pleasure. Whatever your reasons to have it done, you should consider doing it yourself or having your partner do it for you. Back, sack and crack waxing is also BSC waxing for those who prefer to shorten it or for not letting the whole world know what it is.

DIY back, sack and crack wax

If you are serious about getting it done, you could have it done professionally first before spending money on the wax and not being able to go through it alone. By having the area waxed once before, the hairs should grow back finer making waxing less painful. The first time you have an intimate or sensitive area waxed is always the hardest; once you have it done you know what to expect next.

Getting started

Make sure you exfoliate the area regularly so there are no ingrown hairs, for best results start exfoliating daily 3 days before waxing. When it comes to wax, it’s best to buy wax strips if it’s your first time as it’ll be less messy and less tricky to manoeuvre. If you’re having your partner do it for you, then buy special bikini wax that is designed for sensitive areas, also some waxes harden on the skin and it pulls all the hair easily and relatively pain free. Make sure the area is clean and dry before proceeding; many people prefer being waxed after a shower as the skin is softer and the pores are open making the wax work better at pulling hairs out from the root.

Back waxing

You will need someone to help for this one

  • Take wax or wax strips and apply in the same direction as hair growth
  • Leave for 3 seconds
  • Lift up the edge and pull off in opposite direction of hair growth keeping skin taut
  • When finished, apply soothing cream containing aloe vera to prevent redness and itching

Sack waxing

  • Apply wax or wax strips in direction of hair growth
  • Keeping skin taut, pull off in opposite direction of hair growth
  • Its best to be lying down on a flat surface with legs spread apart slightly or one leg bent at the knee to provide better access to area

Crack waxing

  • The best position is hands and knee with a large mirror so you can see
  • Take wax or wax strips and apply on the inner bum cheek
  • Pull off in opposite direction of hair growth
  • Crack waxing can feel weird for the first time but after a few tries it can feel very exhilarating

Remember to apply cream afterwards to soothe the area and avoid hot showers or baths immediately after as it may sting the area.