Hair styles for men – Summer 2008

Like supermodel Kate Moss, men have preferred the punk rocker look, minimal effort with I suppose?

Even if you don’t choose to spend time styling your hair in the morning, if you’re well dressed then you’ll easily be able to carry the ‘just got out of bed’ look.

This summer men have also coloured their hair to reflect their own personalities making them stand out more and look more unique compared to other men who may also have the same hairstyles.

As well has having a cut and colour, men this summer are also trying hair care products such as hair serum to make hair smoother and silkier. Many men won’t admit it but they are also using hair straighteners that they have stolen (or borrowed) from their partners.

I’m not quite sure if this is a new trend but the younger generation (16-19 year olds) seem to favour the long hair grunge look. It really does surprise me because although they look filthy, they still manage to get jobs in places like GAME, HMV and many retail stores.

Older more sophisticated men prefer short at the sides and long on top to keep it neat and simple.

Mid-thirties is where I notice more men tend to experiment more as they are more comfortable with themselves and not under any pressure to follow others. Under-thirties I find are still trying to discover who they are so they don’t seem really bothered what they look like.

In general men get more vain as they age so it’s not surprising that they become pickier when it comes for a change to summer hairstyle for 2008.