Apple charging customers to play free games

Since the launch of the iPhone it looks like most people have converted and started using Apple instead. Then with the launch of the iPad many decided to fall into this trend too using it for various reasons but what happens when you let your children play ‘free’ games on your iPhone or iPad? Apple created many apps that are free to download and use the most popular ones being free games that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. I have noticed how people with children happily hand over their mobile phone to their kids to keep them from having a tantrum but what happens is in time they realise that there is so much they can do on mobile phones nowadays that parents simply give in to their children.

Apple ‘free games apps’
There have been a few reports that were released last year as many parents who own an iPhone or iPad were shocked to see that their bill was up to £200 more than it should be. After calling their bill provider it was found that the so called ‘free games’ were racking up huge bills unbeknown to the mobile phone owner and bill payer. Games such as Smurfs, Tap Zoo and Zombie Farm are the worst offenders when it comes to charging and as children don’t understand they unknowingly purchase items that they think is just a game.

You may wonder how it’s possible for children to make such a mistake but the problem was because if you had previously entered your password then it gets saved and you don’t need to enter it again so children are free to purchase things in their gaming session. Apple has now changed the security settings so that you need to enter a password each time you need to make an in-app purchase.

I for one do not understand why children need to have access to such expensive gadgets when they have toys and other consoles to keep them entertained. All Apple products are expensive costing hundreds of pounds and if parents are stupid enough to let their children play with them then it’s their own fault!