Are cheap clothes worth it?

My sister being a student is often out shopping for a good bargain, you’ll find her mostly in the sale section but if she’s out in the west end she can’t resist popping into Primark.

She told me once that while in Primark she decided to stock up on underwear, her favourite are boy shorts costing £1.50 each. She bought 6 bringing the total to £8, when she came home she was so happy that she bought bargain underwear.

If it were me I would’ve gone into La Senza or Marks and Spencer costing me £4 each.

The next day she decided to wear her favourite out of the 6 that she had bought. They were very comfortable and bright red. A few hours later she went to the toilet when pulling up her new boy shorts they ripped across the top leaving a huge gaping hole under the elastic. Hence the difference between high street fashion compared to designer clothes!

Upset she burst into my room and pulled down her trousers for me to see, I’ve never laughed so much. There was no point in sewing them up they would’ve only ripped again so she threw them all away after wearing them only once.

I will to stick to La Senza and Marks and Spencer because although I buy new underwear every few months I can guarantee they won’t get holes, lose shape or tear.

What my sister thought was a bargain turned out more expensive because she had to re-buy new underwear costing her an additional £24 bringing the total she spent to £32.

If buying £4 a pair is too expensive look out for 3 for 2 offers that can bring the cost down.