Black Friday sales head to the UK

Black Friday is an American tradition that is usually held the Friday after Thanksgiving, retailers advertise top of the range products at bargain prices to encourage people to come and clear the stock before more is brought in. It’s extremely popular in the US and the UK has since followed suit with online retailer Amazon advertising its first ‘Black Friday’ with many products having 70% knocked off the price.

As many people geared up for 9am to buy these products they were sold out in as little as 2 seconds! The Advertising Standards Authority has agreed to an independent investigation and many people have complained about the lack of stock available. It would seem that it was a scam there is no way that an item can sell out in a click of a button so Amazon must have had a very limited supply to begin with.

It’s very cruel to be promising great bargains at this time of year when people are desperately trying to save money on their Christmas shopping. Maybe next time shoppers should try their luck on other internet retailers such as eBay or other auction sites as many of these must have items are unwanted gifts that are still new and unused.

If you find that you have been a victim of mis-selling or find a retailer who is promising bargains that don’t materialise then it’s worth contacting the Office of Fair Trading who will investigate and penalise them if necessary. Many people have complained about B&Q and Homebase in the past and have been successful, many retailers think they can get away with mis-advertsing and selling products do not let them get you and act fast.

Black Friday may be short lived here in the UK but in the US it is said to be far better with retailers having more stock than they need so the chances of getting a bargain in the US is higher than in the UK. Prices on Amazon US are also cheaper than the one in the UK but this has been for years and it doesn’t seem likely that US prices will be reflected in the UK any time soon.