Breast milk ice cream, money making idea

During these tough times we are all on the lookout to save money and also make some money whichever way we can. A top London restaurant has now come up with an unorthodox dessert containing breast milk called ‘Baby Gaga’. At £14 a dish it is served in a Martini glass served by a waitress dressed up as ‘Baby Gaga’ and surprisingly it is going down a storm.

Aimed for mothers who are looking to make money they are paid £15 for every 10 ounces of breast milk that they donate. The company screens all women who donate to make sure that they are free from infections and diseases; they then donate milk using breast pumps on site in a sterile room.

Although some find this to be unsavoury demand for this dessert is increasing every day, so much so that the restaurant has had to advertise for more women to come forward and donate some breast milk.

The women who have come forward to donate their breast milk think that breast feeding should be encouraged and this is a novelty way of advertising the idea.