Cheap nappies

Raising a family can be expensive as we know but with a little organisation and careful planning you can have a family on a small budget. One thing that all families cannot go without are of course nappies. Most young children are in nappies until the age of around 2 years old but you may be lucky enough to be able to potty train by 18 months, nonetheless nappies are expensive and an essential necessity that all families will need plenty of.

How to buy nappies cheap?
Many expectant mothers make the mistake of ‘stocking’ up on nappies but this is unnecessary and can be expensive. It’s expensive because you may stock up on one brand and your child may be allergic, also babies grow very quick so they may also out grow them quicker than you think so you’ll just be wasting your money by buying too much. ‘Stocking’ up is also unnecessary as you will find that there is always a supermarket or store that has them on ‘special offer’ unless you are running there is no need to buy some ‘just in case ‘or because you ‘might need them’. Buy nappies only when you are on your last box and remember to buy one size up if your child is approaching the maximum weight of the size nappy that he or she is wearing.

Re-useable cloth nappies
One way to save money on nappies are to buy re-useable cloth nappies, they can save money on the long run but many are put off with washing and the general car of having cloth nappies. Here in England you can get money towards using cloth nappies and this is usually a big incentive for most parents to give it a go but there are many people that prefer the convenience of disposable nappies as it is the easier choice. Also as England has unpredictable weather washing and drying clothes and nappies on a regular basis can get expensive if you need to switch on the heating just so they can dry. Some people still prefer to hang out their clothes to dry as it is cheaper than having a tumble dryer as they consume a lot of electricity and can also ruin clothes if the setting is wrong.

Whichever you decide, cloth nappies or disposable remember that you can always save money if you really want to!