Cheap reading glasses cost more

At some point in our lives our eyesight will deteriorate and we will need glasses, it might be for distance it might be for reading or it may be for both. Glasses in general are expensive sometimes the lenses cost more than the frame, you may be lucky enough to have a work scheme that will pay towards the cost of your glasses if you need them for work. Otherwise you can get free NHS vouchers that can pay towards the cost of glasses and depending on age and circumstances you can even get free eye tests.

Reading glasses should however be cheaper than standard glasses that are needed all the time but like mentioned before lenses can sometimes exceed the price of the frame. If you need reading glasses for when you are reading a book or even computer work you will need an anti reflection coating to prevent the glare of the screen giving you headaches and also for heavily lit offices that can also cause vision problems.

Since the sale of £1 reading glasses were introduced years ago many have abandoned their opticians and bought these bargain reading glasses instead of prescribed lenses. But as more and more people have started to complain about poor eyesight an investigation has found that cheap reading glasses may not work out so cheap after all.

Most £1 or bargain reading glasses are poorly made, the do come in different strengths but sometimes the two lenses do not match in prescription, one differs slightly to the other. The other fault found were that the centre points of the cheap lenses were not correctly centred, whereas custom made lenses made by the optician are. All these faults will lead to headaches, blurred vision, eye strain and cause eye sight to be even worse. Many people who need reading glasses prefer to buy a few pairs as they are so cheap but because they are so poorly made eyesight is being made worse, it’s not until it starts to affect daily life that the cheap lenses are found to be the culprit.

Have your eyesight checked regularly and only buy good quality glasses from the optician, it may be tempting to buy cheaper high street brands but remember it could make eyesight worse and in some cases leave you blind.

You can save money by waiting until there are offers to buy your glasses, alternatively go straight to the source and buy them at warehouse prices rather that the inflated ones from the optician.