Compensation Britain

Did you know that here in the UK you can claim compensation for pretty much anything there is. Postmen sue home owners for falling, tripping or injury on driveways or steps leading up to the home, a first aider was sued for breaking a women rib when she had to perform CPR and now a former contestant on Britain’s Got Talent is suing Simon Cowell for being humiliated live on television. There are times when suing is acceptable such as when your car tyre bursts due to bad road surfaces and pot holes, medical liability for bad care at a hospital and accidents that are caused at work.

There is currently no legislation that prevents anyone from suing a company or person but most of the time it’s the government and tax payers that end up covering the cost for compensation. The UK has made it too easy for people to claim virtually anything. In most cases you can even get a lawyer that can fight your case for free, they then get their fees from the government meaning you still get the maximum amount of compensation available.

The latest in bizarre compensation claims are from a pavement in Liverpool, there have been seven claims from the past few years with the compensation payout to total £30,000. It’s not crowded, damaged and can get very busy with a hairdressers, newsagents and even places to eat. It surprising to see that so many claims have been made in such a short period of time. Many have said it’s a scam but no-one really knows why there have been so many claims for the same pavement.

The amount of no-win no-fee solicitor has increased 150% in the last few years and many websites can even give you an estimate on how much you can expect to claim if you injured a specific area. Some people have even reported being watched whilst falling in a hospital where a sign was put up to warn patients that the floor was wet. The patient refused to claim compensation as there was warning and felt bad. In reality however some cases can be reported up to six years after they happened, there have been many people that have come forward during the last few years reporting incidents that have happened in the past.

Many people fail to see how this affects everyone in around them, if tax payers have to fund all the compensation claims then in time the country will need financial aid. In turn taxes will rise and goods such as food, clothes and other living expenses will increase to cover the black hole of money that Compensation Britain regularly gives out.