Double clubcard points help

As you may have seen over the last few months Tesco have extensively promoted double clubcard points leading up to Christmas and like their motto says ‘every little helps’, but did it? The period for redeeming the points and turning those into vouchers have just expired over this last weekend but as many Tesco customers came to use their points the Tesco website crashed and queues inside Tesco to redeem points were too long.

Many people have been disappointed with the way Tesco have handled this promotion whilst others feel Tesco are not to blame. Customers who shop at Tesco on a regular basis would have seen a small difference when coming to redeem points whereas others would not have seen a major difference. Tesco clubcard holders should have been able to redeem their points with money off vouchers for champagne, toys, clothes and electrical items but there have been many people who were not able to do this in time and have missed out since the deadline closed on Sunday. It would seem that the nation is torn as to whose fault it actually is, were Tesco at fault for not being able to handle the volume of requests or were Tesco customers to blame for not redeeming their points sooner?

There are many happy customers who are loyal to Tesco and argue that Tesco were not at fault and customers should have redeemed their points as soon as possible but those who left it to the very last minute are the ones that missed out on being a loyal customer. With the recent bad weather most people have argued that this was the last thing on their minds when they have been advised to stay indoors and purchase only what they need. Tesco have still not confirmed if they will extend the offer for another week so that people can redeem their vouchers and save money on Christmas presents.

Double clubcard points at Tesco – if you missed out

If you are one of the unfortunate customers that have not been able to redeem your double clubcard points it looks like you will have a long wait before customer services can get back to you as it is estimated that hundreds and thousands of people have missed the deadline because of long queues in store and the website crashing or taking too long to load. They only thing people can do is to wait and see what Tesco will do but many angry Tesco customers have hit back and abandoned them and joined a rival supermarket instead claiming that they save even more money!