Half term holiday rip off

Once again half term is upon us and families who have been struggling the past year have once again had to sacrifice going on holiday due to holiday companies putting up their rates during half term. Going on holiday should not be reserved for the rich; everyone should be able to afford going abroad for a short break to experience different cultures and traditions. We all work and pay taxes so having time off where you can truly do nothing god send.

We face this problem year after year but this year has seen holidays soar by up to 269% in some places. Spain has always been a favourite for families because it’s cheap, sunny, cheerful and flying times are minimal. A family of four can go to Spain for as little as £1000 but during half term the same holidays has been found to cost over £6000.

It is a myth when people assume that the majority of people who go on holiday are the rich or benefit scroungers, there are many hard working families that plan their holidays in advance and save beforehand just to be able to afford one holiday a year abroad. Most take advantage of early booking offers and no deposit holidays, they then have to pay off the balance up to 8 weeks before they travel.

Why should people avoid going away during half term when prices are higher? It’s not fair that travelling a week or even a few days earlier means the holiday is cheaper. Some families have even resorted to taking children out of school to save money on half term breaks. You do risk a fine if you don’t have a valid reason to take a child out of school but in some cases fines are only £50-£100 and the savings outweigh the consequences.

Sadly there is no such thing as a cheap holiday getaway during the half term season anymore as the UK also puts up their prices for holidaying within the country. Going to Cornwall, Blackpool, Wales, Scotland and the coast were all very popular but nowadays families opt for caravan holidays instead to save on accommodation costs.

Childless couples are happy that prices are going up because they say children ruin holidays for those that don’t have any but if you do not have children you can fly whenever you want, you aren’t restricted because of school term. There are also many hotels that offer accommodation only to adults so if you require a family friendly hotel you’ll need to find just that.

The bottom line is if people are prepared to pay these silly prices during half term then holiday companies will continue to quote them just that, refuse point blank and book early, there are many deals that can be made where you save tons. Booking as early as a year in advance can see savings of up to 800%.