Health insurance to pay for NHS parking fees

As you cannot predict if you will get cancer sometime in the future not many people seek out health insurance but even then health insurance does not currently cover out of pocket expenses such as parking. In most places around the country concessions are available so those who are sick and need to attend on a regular basis can purchase a week or month parking ticket at a reduced cost. There are not many places where you can get free parking because of regular treatments for example cancer sufferers.

Asking sick patients such as those battling cancer to pay for parking is also branded as ‘tax on the sick’ you cannot prevent cancer as it is one of those illnesses that simply do not have a cure so people who get cancer did not ask for it nor can they do much to make themselves better without the help of doctors. As insurance companies continue to compete for customers a radical new policy will allow the policyholder to receive as much as £300 a year to put towards parking should they fall ill and require regular hospital visits.

It is estimated that the average cancer sufferer requires 50 visits to a hospital to receive treatment at an average annual cost of £325, those that are ill for a long time will need to take a break for a while whilst they recover whilst others will have to quit working altogether. Cancer patients and their family do not have the means to meet this annual fee for parking as cancer patients will usually require someone to take them to and from the hospital for treatment that means in some cases they need to survive on one wage.

Its madness that insurance companies can see the financial troubles faced by families who need cancer treatment when NHS trusts cannot. We understand that parking cannot always be free but it seems unfair that those that must come in regularly to receive life saving treatment are made to pay at least £6 in parking fees every time they visit.

Another blow to ‘tax on the sick’ is that parking fees vary a lot over the UK, Wales and Scotland do not make their patients pay as much on parking fees with some hospitals abolishing parking fees altogether. The new coalition government is adamant that no new plans will be brought in to reduce or abolish parking fees for the sick. Macmillan Cancer Support says they will continue to campaign for the abolishment of parking fees for the sick.