Is it cheaper to leave hot water and heating on all day?

Some plumbers and gas supply companies advise that by turning on the heating all day on a lower temperature, it is usually cheaper than switching on the heating for short intervals. As this is a very curious subject and where money can be saved, I decided to look into this further.

As some boilers differ from others, the best way to find out the true cost of running your boiler is to monitor it for a week. Try having the heating on for short intervals one week and take the gas reading and change the heating to constant for another week and compare readings. Some people have said that there was a significant price difference between readings. If you try this, remember to lower the room thermostat and to keep elderly and young children in mind when regulating the temperature.

Why is leaving the boiler on all day cheaper?
Many say that by leaving the boiler on all day, the temperature is controlled and not a lot of energy is needed to heat water that is already hot. Whereas if you heat water on timer, the water tank will have completely cooled and then the water will be heated up slowly. This uses up more fuel and energy therefore costing more. There are still some discussions about whether or not this is true but there are a lot of people who thoroughly believe that it is cheaper to leave the boiler on all day than using a timer for short intervals of heating.

Is it cheaper to leave hot water on all day?
As many people would’ve noticed, there are many arguments surrounding this and the conclusion is no. Leaving the hot water or heating on all day is not cheaper than using only what you need. It costs more to keep water at a constant temperature rather than heating up a cold tank of water. This is also backed by The Energy Savings Trust who says to only heat up what you need and switch off the heating and hot water if there is nobody in. Like I said earlier, there are many people who do believe leaving the hot water and heating on all day is cheaper so if you don’t believe that this is not true then try an experiment and see for yourself.