IVF egg donors to be paid thousands

Currently there is a boom in IVF where those seeking egg donors have to travel abroad in search of a donation. In the UK the current rate for egg donors is just £250, as the process to retrieve the eggs are so gruelling and require time off work and discipline not many women step forward to donate their eggs to couples who are not able to conceive naturally.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority are unveiling new plans that will allow donors to receive thousands of pounds in compensation for their time and inconvenience caused. This move would mean that IVF couples will no longer need to travel great distances in order to achieve the dream of having their own family.

The HFEA are calling for a review to be made with many welcoming this plan as a breakthrough in IVF in the UK. In America women are paid up to £5,000 for donating their eggs to infertile couples, other countries such as India, Croatia, Spain and Bulgaria are also known for their abundance in donated eggs as many young women do it as a solution to money problems.

There are some organisations that argue however that many women will use this as a way to make money without knowing the full risks and complications that can arise when ‘harvesting’ eggs. Powerful and dangerous drugs are inject to stimulate egg release, women can be prone to gaining weight and retaining fluid as well as being left scarred if the eggs are retrieved incorrectly.

A few years ago a young woman decided to donate her eggs to a couple who sought help through the local newspaper, as she had already had a child she decided to go through the gruelling process of harvesting her eggs. When the eggs were retrieved it left scarring in her fallopian tube, this meant she was unable to conceive naturally without help. After much investigation it was found that the harvested eggs were not taken out correctly leaving the poor woman unable to bear children naturally.

Many believe that those who are conceived using donor eggs may not know their real families and may end up with a ‘brother or sister’ as their partner unaware that they share the same mother. Cases like this are rare but have happened across the world. Another problem that this is likely to create is that those who do not earn that much will be forced out of the IVF market and will be forced to buy eggs illegally.