Lloyds TSB bank review

After trying to save for a few years I decided that a separate account to the one where I was paid into was a better way of keeping money in the bank. After many recommendations from friends I was advised to go with Lloyds TSB for good customer service and internet banking.

Opening an account with Lloyds TSB was very fairly straightforward and the financial advisor was very helpful. After receiving my new card and account details I was ready to set up internet banking to further keep an eye on my finances.

I called up customer services and advised me that I could do online without having to speak to someone first. I went onto the website and found this to be incorrect and had to hold another 15 minutes before my call could be answered. I had to wait for my internet banking ID to come through the post before I could continue. After 5 days my internet banking ID came through the post and was advised to set up a password and internet ID code. This was very confusing as the internet banking is not very straight forward. After not using my account for 6 months when I tried to login it didn’t work. I had to call customer services again to reset my account, which they finally did.

I was informed that I would receive a monthly statement so I could keep track of my money, I never did receive a statement the whole time I banked with them. I was with Lloyds TSB for 2 years and I have to keep calling to get them to send a statement and even then I was lucky to receive even one a year. I have called in to the branch several times and they still didn’t sort out my statement delivery. They don’t even send an email like HSBC do to say that the statement is now available online!

When you open an account with Lloyds TSB you are asked to sign in a box and they keep this as proof of signature. I did this when I first opened my account and even though I did this they still asked me to do this 3 more times, which I refused. I have even handed over my proof of signature personally to the branch and they still didn’t have the audacity to update their systems!

I have now closed my account and withdrawn my money, closing the account to less than a minute and it’s the best decision I have ever made. If you want good customer service and reliable, easy to understand internet banking then this is not the bank for you. Save yourself unnecessary grief and bank elsewhere.