Money for egg donations

As couples are now putting their careers before having a family women who are 35 and over are faced with the decision of turning to IVF to help them conceive. As some will be successful using their own eggs and sperm from their partner a minority will be forced to look into other options. One such option is to use eggs donated by another women, although there is no guarantee for success childless couples will try anything to have their dreams come true by having a family of their own. In the UK there is a waiting list of 2 years+ so many couples have been forced into going abroad to seek treatment. Although this is not illegal it can be very expensive as flights, accommodation and treatment costs need to be met.

The reason egg donations are so low in the UK is probably due to the lack of awareness in such matters, also the treatment is very gruelling that many women just cannot continue. Daily injections are needed to stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs for harvesting, hormones get out of control and weight gain is the most common side effect. Most women who donate their eggs have already had a few children so know how pregnancy itself can be hard on the body and relationship, egg donation is just as hard.

The UK wants to start paying egg donors as much as £800 for their eggs to be donated, seems like a very good deal seen as 10 years ago there was no such initiative and you were not given a penny, just the thought of helping a childless couple making their dreams come true was enough. Many people have slammed this idea as some women will see this as a way to make money instead of helping the nation of childless couples.

As nothing more has been said regarding this matter the Fertility watchdog is now reviewing the procedure to see if this will be brought into effect. It seems a shame that women will go to such extreme lengths to have a ‘biological’ child when there are so many babies and young children needing a family. Teenage pregnancies are on the rise and with so many opting to give their newborn babies up for adoption centres are bursting. So much money and disappointment could be saved if women were to adopt instead of gruelling IVF and waiting for an egg donor.