Online gambling

Although the country is in serious financial gloom, the amount of gambling sites seems to have doubled in the past year alone. It would seem that although many people still have trouble paying the bills every month, they still have money to gamble.

Why do people gamble?

Gambling is highly addictive and the adrenaline rush you get before finding out if you have won the top prize is exhilarating. With so many websites offering up to £10 free to open an account and start playing with, it’s easy to see how they are pulling more and more people in. When the free money that they give you to start gambling finishes, you’re already hooked so you need to add more funds to continue playing. Many people who gamble do not realise just how much money they are wasting every day and it’s only when they get their bank statement that reality hits.

Is gambling legal?

When entering or signing up to online gambling sites, you are asked to tick the terms and conditions policy that also indicates you are over 18 (as in the UK 18 is the legal age to gamble) but in other countries gambling in a casino is legal only if you are over 21. Some online gambling sites also set a limit – for example you’re only allowed to spend X amount of money a day or participate in X games.

How to stop gambling?

First of all you need to admit you have a problem and once you accept this, then you can come to terms with what treatments are available to you. Group therapy usually works and you have a session once a week where a group of people discuss why they gamble and what they find stops them from having the urge to gamble. In most cases, you only need to find yourself a hobby to keep you occupied so how about taking up fishing, dancing or going to the gym to keep yourself active. If you don’t have much self control, then as a last resort you can contact your GP and they will be able to help you. Here are a few things you can do as well:

  • If you gamble online, change security settings to stop you from going onto gambling sites
  • If you are addicted to betting on horses or football, try avoiding routes where you know you will pass a betting shop
  • If you struggle from stopping yourself from buying excessive lottery tickets, then ask a friend or family to do it for you

Online gambling can put you in serious financial problems. Therefore you need to be careful and not chase money as greed will eventually turn into addiction.