Poundland under investigation for child labour

Since the launch of pound shops many years back it has been the cause of many loyal shoppers to abandon their supermarkets and start to shop around. This has caused the shops to be in fierce competition with each other therefore slashing prices on everything they have in store on a regular basis. As we know there are many bargains to be found in pound shops, anything from food to home accessories. Things like a family size bag or crisps can sell for as much as £3 in a supermarket but just £1 in the pound shop. Other items such as hand towel, toilet tissue and cleaning products also sell for half the price.

How to save money in Poundland?

There are many household items that you can buy that cost less than supermarkets and other local shops. During Christmas and New Year when you will be entertaining guests and cooking large family meals you can save money by buying disposable napkins, wine cups, tablecloths and more, this means you can also save time on washing up. Items such as crisps, biscuits, juice and fizzy drinks are also cheaper. If you do buy food and drink make sure you check the expiry date as sometimes they are very near to the end of their shelf life.

How are Poundland items so cheap?
If you buy in bulk then the price is reduced therefore you buy more for less but you are also able to sell for less. There are also items that are close to expiry such as chocolate, crisps, biscuits and drinks so they can purchase these items for a cheaper price. Some stocks they sell are also bought cheap by companies who have gone bankrupt or are closing down. Some things can even be sold cheap because they are imitations of another brand such as batteries, branded food products and cleaning products. Some things that are purchased for a very low price can be due to low standards such as ink printing on certain products. The worst way that Poundland make money is by taking orders for items that are made in poor countries such as China and India.

Poundland and child labour
It is the responsibility of the retailer to know where and how their products are made, although it is not illegal in this country to buy items that are produced by child labourers all countries are opposed of this. It is illegal in most countries to employ young children to work for them by taking them out of school. There is an ongoing investigation that Poundland have products that they sell in store that are being made by child workers as young as seven they are also paid a poor wage of just 7p an hour, 100 hours a week!

So before you think of saving money and buying a cheap product just take a moment to think about how it was made and how much the person who made it was paid.