Price matching

You may have noticed that many retailers now offer a price matching guarantee to many products they have to offer.

What is price matching?
Price matching is when you see a product cheaper elsewhere and the retailer you purchased the product from at the higher price gives you a refund for the difference. For example you buy a lawnmower at Homebase for £80 but find the same thing at B&Q for £70.

Some places have strict requirements so you may not always be able to guarantee a price match elsewhere. Some places will state clearly that if a store is currently having a sale then they cannot price match the product.

You can always try your luck and search online as many online retailers also offer good value for money by choosing them over high street chains. Print out the webpage and take it along to a retailer where you can get the cheaper price rather than the store price.

I have also found that some stores are charging online customers less than what is advertised in store. For example a little while ago I wanted to purchase windows 7 but in store it was selling for £30 more than online. When I queried this I was told that I should have ordered it online and picked it up free in store, but they do not offer this option to do this online for this particular product. Luckily the manager in store accepted to price match the online price and I got it £30 cheaper.

Price matching is a good way of saving money before and after purchase as you usually have up to 30 days claim back. You can use price matching before you buy as a precautionary measure, for example I wanted to purchase a car seat from Mothercare but found it cheaper elsewhere. The cheaper deal was with a company I was not familiar with but Mothercare agreed to price match and I saved £50 on my new car seat.

You can use online comparison sites to price match too, so if you go to Asda but find that Tesco is offering the same product for less you can go to customer services who will be more than happy to give you the difference back or deduct it from their current sale price.