Recycle mobile phones – Trade or donate your old handset

With mobiles phones going out of fashion quickly, it’s not hard to see why most of us are always upgrading our phones for the latest models. Regularly changing mobile phones doesn’t have to be expensive, you can even trade in your old phone or sell it for cash.

Recycling mobile phone for cash
There are many companies that are happy to buy your phone off you; just make sure you know the current value of the phone before getting the money. You can find out the current market value for your mobile phone free on many websites. As competition for mobile recycling companies are rife, check them out individually as you may be better off going with some companies but not others. Remember they also pay for the postage costs of your mobile.

There are a few trade shops that have opened where you can trade in your mobile and the value of it is taken off whatever else you would like to purchase in the shop. You don’t necessarily need to buy a new mobile phone so if you have a new one, you can use your old mobile to bargain a trade.

There are other shops on the high street that buy and sell mobile phones. I would be wary as many of these shops will only sell your mobile on to recycling companies. If you think you are getting a good deal on the high street, double check the market value of the mobile before handing it over.

Mobile phone recycling for charity

There are so many charities fighting for the chance to recycle your old mobile phone. This is how charity mobile recycling works – you send in your old mobile and they recycle it for you and any profit made is handed over to the charity instead of going back into your own pocket. This is a great way of helping others as it won’t cost you anything and you will have made someone’s day by the little contribution/donation you have made.

Recycle old mobile phone for domestic abuse
This scheme is still fairly new – the pilot is running in only a handful of catchment areas at the moment but with more support and more mobiles this can be extended. By sending in your old mobile to a listed charity, it will then be turned into a personal alarm. By pressing any button on the phone the local police will be alerted to come to the aid of the domestic abuse victim. Help save a life today by donating to a domestic abuse victim.