Sales bargains

Have you ever wondered why some things are less than half price in a sale? Well it’s usually because they want to get in new stock so the older stuff is no longer ‘in season’ or fashionable anymore. When people see sales they jump at the chance to save even 10% but there are some retailers that slash prices by up 70%. Everyone loves a good bargain but what happens if you buy something cheap then find that the price has gone up slightly?

Well you would be the lucky few who cashed in on time but is it right to put up prices in a sale when an item was previously sold at a cheaper price? This is exactly what happened to me. I recently bought a whole new wardrobe from ASOS as the sale items were very tempting and not available in the shops. Here is how I saved money:
Party dress £14 down from £46
Cardigan £14 down from £48
Winter coat £40 down from £80
Dress £13 down from £28
Maxi dress £14 down from £40
Total cost: £95

If I had bought the same items before the sale the total cost would’ve been: £242 so by getting the items I needed not wanted I saved a whopping £147! Now it has only been two weeks since these purchases and I went back to look for something on the website, funny enough some of the items that I bought have gone up in price! The difference I would pay now is an increase of £30 so how can sale items go up after the peak time of a sale has ended?

I haven’t bought anything from other retailers so I am unable to compare if others are also doing this but I feel that all of them are the same. They lure people with cheap sale prices then eventually put them up a little but unless you know the original sale price you won’t know if you have truly saved money.

Some items are very overpriced anyway and just by doing a little research you can see how much some items vary. I saw a travel cot ranging from £80-£120 but can’t understand the huge price difference when it’s the same item? If consumers were a little wiser when it comes to shopping then maybe retailers wouldn’t be able to get away with such huge price differences and unworthy price tags. I have found that going to the source or even ordering from abroad can save you money, the new Nintendo DS is retailing for $250 or £152 but here in the UK it will be put on the shelves with a £220 price tag!