Save money on adult clothes shopping VAT free

As the VAT rise continues to pinch at our purse strings many shoppers have had to start shopping wisely just to save some money. Its estimated that women shoppers spend on average £1,000 a year on clothes shopping with the new VAT rise that equates to £200 in VAT alone, for those who can afford to spend £5,000 on clothes shopping (one in ten women) it equates to a whopping £1,000 in VAT!

Clothes are an essential part of living, though where you shop and how much you spend can be debatable on if it’s a luxury item and if it’s worth the price tag. More and more people are opting to shop at charity shops for some budget buys and others are using the internet to shift their unwanted clothes and make some money to put towards purchasing new clothes.

Children’s clothes not only cost less because they require less creativity when designing and making they are also VAT free, even so parents spend more than £500 a year for kids clothes . There have been many women who have found that depending on their dress size they can also fit into children’s sizes for a fraction of the price. One such retailer is Marks and Spencer’s who sells 16 year old clothes with a 30” waist, the same as an adult size 12, there are many other retailers out there who have size charts that you can compare.

Unfortunately there are many retailers that have caught onto this idea and have changed their sizing guides for example La Redoute, age 16 clothes are a few inches less than what they used to be so depending on the adults measurements they wouldn’t be able to fit into their children sizes.

It does seem unfair that adult and children clothes are very similar in terms of latest fashion and fabric but adults have to pay VAT on them but unfortunately that just the way it is. Unless people start shopping wisely like at outlets and during the sale only the prices that are stated on clothing will continue to sell as people are prepared to buy them.

Try to shop wisely and seek out the bargains, you can save money on clothes shopping all throughout the year if you want to you just need to know how to look. There are large retailers out there that regularly sell clothes up to 70% all year round, so if you cannot wait for the quarterly sales shop at the permanently discounted stores.