Short term flat share

Short term flat share is becoming increasingly common for a number of reasons and can be much less of a hassle than a commitment to share a flat or house with others for six months or a year. People who are taking up short term flat share rentals do so for a number of reasons, and if you go online, you will be able to find fairly good flat sharing deals in most parts of the country. Of course, a lot of theses offers are for flat sharing in London due to the fact that property prices are so high. Having said this, however, there are good deals all over the country, with offers ranging from a double room in a mansion, to sharing with students and having sole use of only a single bedroom. Prices vary according to the location of the shared property and the type of accommodation on offer.

Flat sharing on a short term basis is good for people who want to attend events in the UK but who live abroad. For example a European or American wishing to attend the Edinburgh Festival might find it easier to share a flat for the duration of the Festival rather than to try to find a hotel room in the city at that time. Business people who are in Britain for work, but who don’t know anyone in the UK might want to flat share as a way of at least having one or two people to go out with in the evenings. It can be really lonely staying in a hotel if you are not a particularly reserved person. This type of arrangement also suits students, who often go to a University which was not of their choice through the Clearing process, and who find that there is no available accommodation on campus, and who have no luck with the student accommodation service. Academics also find this type of living arrangement suits them, if they are on sabbatical for a term and having to do research at a university away from their home.

Depending on where you want to live and what type of accommodation you want, you can expect to pay from 300 to 500 pounds a month for a double room in a flat, sharing facilities with others. You are usually asked about your occupation, age and whether or not you smoke, if you have a pet, and sometimes your sexual orientation, so that your prospective flat sharers can have an idea if you would fit in with them. This is sometimes unacceptable, so you can choose not to give such personal details. However you can also ask questions about the other residents to ensure compatibility.

If you have just got a new job and have to move to another part of the country, then you should consider flat sharing as it gives you an opportunity to look around the place to see which area you would like to live in. You would not be pressurised into buying a property immediately and then living to regret your choice because you did not have time to look around for a new home.

Whatever your circumstances, there are a lot of short term flat sharing opportunities and these can be found online as well as in the more traditional way of finding information, in the classified ads section of local newspapers.