The costs of having a baby

So you plan on starting a family but have you sat down and talked about all the costs involved in having a child? There many things to take into consideration like the items you will need to purchase before the baby arrives, items after and things for lifelong care. The cost of having a baby can differ depending on what you believe in but by taking a look at this essential guide, you can know about the costs of having a baby.

Clothes – babies grow out of clothes very quick so you will find that you’re always shopping for new baby clothes. Save some money by asking family and friends to donate their good baby clothes to you and you can do the same after you’re done. Cost for a year is £1,200
Milk – if you need to buy milk you can spend an average of £600 in just one year
Travel – if you have a baby born in a hospital, you will need a car seat to bring the baby home. You will also need a pram. Some people can go through 4 prams within 2 years so be practical and buy a pram that can be used for the maximum time possible. Save money by buying one second hand or borrowing one from a friend. Average cost for pram and accessories is £700.
Nappies – this is probably where the bulk of money will be spent during the first year as babies can need a nappy change up to 90 times a week. Average cost of nappies for a year £600
Sleeping – if you need to buy a moses basket, playpen, crib and cot, the prices can soon start to add up. Save some money by buying second hand or borrow from a friend. You will probably find that all you need is a crib for 6 months, then they can sleep in a bed from then on and all you will need after that is to purchase a bed guard. Average cost for sleeping options £800
Nursery furniture – if you are doing up baby’s room, you will see that children’s furniture are much smaller and expensive. Why not buy ‘normal’ adult furniture, it’ll have more room and it can be decorated with stickers and paint to make it more child friendly. This can cost up to £750

This brings the total up to £4,650 and that’s still without much of the basics such as creams, wipes, bibs and toiletries. So you’ve seen the cost for a baby what about the mum? Mother to be will also need essential items throughout pregnancy and after the birth. Here are some essential things:
Prenatal supplements and folic acid – folic acid is needed at conception and for the first three months of pregnancy. It is also ideal to take throughout pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding costing an average of £108
Creams – all women are scared of the dreaded stretch marks so be prepared to spend some money on preventative creams and moisturiser for dry skin days. Cost £60
Body pillow – as the baby bump grows, expectant mothers will feel uncomfortable. There are pillows that can be bought to promote better sleeping and ease pressure off the bump. It can also be used after pregnancy to aid breastfeeding. Cost £35
Rocking chair – although not essential but many women like rocking chairs and it also soothes the baby to sleep. Costs £150
This brings mums total cost to £503 and this does not include antenatal appointments, maternity clothes, private treatments and spa days.

As there are too many things to buy and these are just some of the examples of costs involved when having a baby. You can cut costs by buying most things second hand or borrowing; don’t be pressured to buy everything as you will find that most things aren’t needed for long term.